Learning to Drown

Finally done! After two years of work, and with the support of my wonderful friends and backers, my first book of poetry, Learning to Drown is now available for purchase.

c/w: suicide, mental health:

I wrote Learning to Drown to be a snapshot of myself at a specific moment of time. From age 12 to 22 I fought a constant interior battle with myself around the possibility of suicide, and the advent of those thoughts starting to still was the impetus to write more and take the time to consider my mind and my surroundings. Being a little less worried about killing myself gave the opportunity to examine, critically, my own identity-- to allow myself to be challenged by confronting my privilege and the way I affect the world around me.

None of this work is perfect. Some of it is problematic, but I think that nearly all of it-- the good parts, the less good parts, and the troublesome parts-- are in service of creating meaningful dialogue about growth, community, privilege, and mental health. Okay, a few of them are just funny.

Learning to Drown is on its first print run and was self-published with money raised through crowdfunding. Formatting and layout by Sarah Hankin. Cover art by Conor de Mari. And a big thank you to all our donors!