48 North

To Make an Apple Pie From Scratch...
You must first invent the universe - Carl Sagan

In an abandoned gas station in Clark’s Fork, Idaho, a secret government expedition to make first contact with extraterrestial life has gone horribly awry. 48 North is an expermental, actor-less theater experience built around the exploration of an immersive space. Told entirely through design and found audio logs, audiences learn the story of marine biologist Rosemary Arroway and her partner NSA specialist Steve Medlin as they spend their last days preyed upon by murderous locals, paranoia, an alien, and ultimately, being forced to grapple with what it means to be human.

Told through 9 audio logs hidden throughout the space, 48 North represents an exercise in immersive theater more akin to an escape the room, video game, or Sleep No More without the actors than traditional performance. Audiences were released into a three room set of an abandoned midwestern gas station and told to explore it fully. Inside they discovered hidden messages and codes in books, locked doors, and, in the back room, the grisly remains of Steve and Rosemary’s alien autoposy and ensuing struggle for survival.

Follow the story yourself by browsing the photos, and by listening to the audio tapes provided in order below.


Concept: Dani Aldrich
Writing: Nathan Savoy
Sound Design: Shira Gitlin
Art: Hannah Rae Bracey


Created in collaboration with Wencs Ostasenko to merge poetic story and song, Dubrovnik tells the tale of a short trip I took with my father to the walled city on the Adriatic. Light and airy like the city that gives the piece its title, Dubrovnik represents the complexity and joy that can permeate our relationships with our parents as we each grow older.


My sister and I struggle to keep in touch sometime, so we started using our art to keep in touch across the country. The words are mine but all the beauty of it belongs to my incredible sister, Katie Savoy.

as if from a dream

Created in collaboration with Conor Bloomer, as if from a dream displays my poem of the same name silk-screen printed in white ink on white paper several times juxtaposed with itself to create a small installation meant to challenge viewers to consider human contradictions and the violence inherent to maleness. The poem reads:

“i will not be a butcher,” he said,
raising the cleaver,
closing his eyes.

Untitled 1

A short film in collaboration with Conor Bloomer, Isaac Levien, and Wencs Ostasenko.